Why You Should Visit Komodo Island ASAP Than Bali?

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Why you should visit Komodo Island ASAP than Bali? Komodo Island nowadays becomes popular destination. Not only because people can see the giant lizard, Komodo dragons and also known as the last dinosaur, but also the scenery on this island are amazing. No wonder Komodo Island becomes the last paradise.

Another reason why you should visit Komodo Island very soon because Indonesia government plans to made Komodo Island as a premium destination. Before it officially becomes premium destination, you should visit Komodo Island and enjoy the beautiful scenery here.


History of Komodo Island

The Komodo Island is believed to have been formed approximately 1 million years ago. Although there were stories of the Komodo dragon for many years, but nobody went to Komodo Island to check until the early 1910s. In the middle 1990s, fossils were found in Australia very similar to Komodo dragons. These fossils dated back 30 to 60 million years ago.

There’re also the Dutch sailors originally described the dragons as being seven meters long, and able to breathe fire. After an expedition by a Dutch official, the results were published in 1912. It’s said the Komodo dragon did not breathe fire and was in fact, a monitor lizard.

In 1991, Komodo National park was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. And Komodo Island became one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature on November 11, 2011.

One of the famous beaches On Komodo National Park is Pink Beach. There are only seven beaches in the world with pink sand, and Komodo Island has one of these pink sand beaches. The pink sand is a mixture of red and white sand.

What makes Komodo Island different from Bali? You can go diving and snorkel on Komodo Island just like in Bali. But you can see Komodo dragons only on Komodo Island.

The Komodo Island sits peacefully with many wonders waiting for you to explore. for some adventurers, Komodo Island can be that ideal gate away.

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