Visit Komodo Island just an hour from Bali!

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Visit Komodo Island just an hour from Bali! Yes, while you were in Bali, you can visit another Indonesia’s paradise located in Flores and just an hour from Bali.

You can explore Komodo Island just for one day or even a week because you will fall in love with the scenery in Komodo Island.

But is it worth to visit to Komodo Island?

Komodo Island actually is part from The National Komodo Park. Komodo Island is one of tree big island in The National Komodo Park. The other two big islands are Padar and Rinca Island.

So why you must visit Komodo Island? First, of course you will see Komodo dragons, the biggest lizard in entire planet.

Komodo dragons also known as the last dinosaurs in the world. And you can only meet the Komodo in this island. FYI, some people will tell you, sincerely that the movie “King Kong” was inspired by an expedition to Komodo Island. Others also will tell you, that the island was the basic for Jurassic Park.

Komodo was not discovered by the Western world until 1910, and the animal’s isolation from the rest of the planet. That’s the reason why Komodo survival for so long.

You can meet Komodo in Komodo Island and Rinca Island. They seem docile and slow but with sharp teeth and large claws. But they can run and swim 20 KM per hours and also dangerous.

Sometimes the Komodo can attack their prey and then eat it whole, but in some other times they will bite and wait patiently. Their saliva also contains bacteria that will eventually kill another animal.

Note: Komodo Island is not a zoo and the animals are not always going to be in pre-designated viewing areas. They are wild and come and go through the forests.

Its actually relativity easy to get to Komodo National park, mainly because it’s become so popular. You will need to fly to Labuan Bajo, which you can get to directly from Denpasar (Bali) or Jakarta. Flights aren’t super cheap, considering how short the trip is, but they’re reasonable enough.

Pink Beach

When you have reached to Labuan Bajo Town, you can charter a boat for one or more days. But you can also go with one of the local tours.

There are some other islands that are fun to explore. From the beautiful Pink Beach, a great view from Padar Island, beautiful white beach at Taka Makassar island, and amazing sunset at Kalong Island.

You can snorkel, diving, or just relax on the beach at Komodo National Park Island. You could do one day tour to Komodo Island or for longer tours because one day is too short to explore this beautiful paradise.

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