Komodo Island or Bali? Which one is must to visit on 2020?

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Komodo Island or Bali? Which one is must to visit on 2020? Bali is one of the most popular travel destination in the world and also know as the “Island of the Gods” because it most beautiful places on earth.

But how about Komodo Island? Lately Komodo Island becomes popular in the world. Not only because Komodo Island is part of the UNESCO listed Komodo National park. Thank you to the addition of new flights and hotels in the nearby town of Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores. According to UNESCP, there are more than 5,000 dragons spread across the national park’s island of Komodo, Rinca, Gili Motong, and some coastal regions of western and northern Flores.

In addition to super sized lizards, the area offers exceptional diving and snorkelling opportunities as well as breath taking scenery. There’s a lot more to see and do in the Komodo Islands other than trying to stalk a Komodo Dragon for a selfie.

So which one is must to visit on 2020? Bali or Komodo?

First thing First…. What Do You Find In Bali?

As well as sea and sand, Bali however has a huge number of other attractions to enjoy. Temples, caves, waterfalls, museums, and markets. If you are looking for a beach holiday, adventures, history and culture, then you can spend your next holiday in Bali.

Here the best things you can do in while in Bali …

Surfing in Kuta

Bali is of course a surfer’s paradise. Not only for surfed, you can enjoy the sunset and relax on the sand with a cold beer in Kuta Beach.

Visit Ulun Danu Temple

Bali is the Island of Gods, so you will find a lot of temple. One of the temple you can visit is Ulun Danu temple. It lies at the edge of Baratan Lake in Bedugul Bali. The temple is dedicated to the goddess of the lake and is one of the quietest and most serene places on the island.

Diving in Padai Bai

One of the famous diving place in Bali, Padai Bai. You can find seven different dive sites that can easily be reached after a shirt boat trip from the shore. You will find a range of underwater critters like the blue ringed octopus and pygmy seahorses in Padai Bai. You can also have a chance to seeing sharks, turtles, and coral gardens.

Relax at Yoga Barn

Bali is knows as a place to relax and find enlightenment. Yoga Barn is one of the most famous yoga retreats on the island. It located in quited and contemplative Ubud.

The Yoga Barn has five different studios and a range of programs for all level of ability. Also you can book to stay here and get cleansing and detox programs that will help you relax and adjust to a slower pace of life.

Strap on a Jetpack in Tanjung Benoa

If you loved or wanted to try water sports, then you should go to Tanjung Benoa. One of the most exciting however is strapping on a water jetpack which will let you fly up into the sky to a height of 10 meters and sessions usually last around 20 minutes.

Relaxing in Sidemen

Sidemen Valley is located at Karangasem regency in East Bali. You can find may tourist attractions in this area, such as Mount Agung ( the highest mountain in Bali), Telaga Waja River, the ancient village of Tenganan, the famous Tirta Gangga water palace, and also the charming beach town of Candidasa.

Sidemen not only a gorgeous rice fields and agricultural crops, but also you will find a colourful markets. Sidemen is a charming little area where you’ll get to experience the authentic Bali, as it used to be before the trendy coffee shops, swarms of tourist and traffic jams. Sidemen is one of Bali’s secret spot where you’ll find many hidden gems but not so many tourist.

Watch a Kecak Dance

Bali is famous for its dance and one of these is the Kecak Dance which was developed in the 1930s.the dance takes its name from the ‘cak’ sound that is repeated throughout and is based on the story of Hindu epic called the Ramayana.

Spend Time with the Monkeys at Monkey Forest

The sacred monkey forest in Bali lies within the village of Padangtegal. Also known as The Ubud Monket Forest, this place is a nature reserve and temple complex in Ubud, Bali. It houses approximately 340 monkeys which are known as a long tailed macaques.

In the Monkey Forest, you can walk around and enjoy the serene atmosphere. You can find the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal temple as well as a “Holy Spring” bathing temple, and another temple used for cremation ceremonies.

Bali is one of the most famous island in the Indonesian archipelago. The island’s home to an ancient culture that’s known for its warm hospitality, also known as a world class surfing and diving. Bali is one of the world’s top destination.

Komodo Island

The Komodo Islands are a cluster of islands, which means not only are there tons of coral reefs in its waters, but also a various beautiful beaches and scenic hikes.

What will you find in Komodo Islands?

Padar Island Hike

Padar Island hike probably everyone’s favorite part of the trip. In Padar Island you will get this mind blowing views of its three different colored beaches. You’ll be able to see a pink sand beach, a black sand beach, and a white sand beach. Separated only by land ridges and sparkling blue water.

Padar Island is the third largest land mass within the Komodo National Park and can be found between Komodo and Rinca Island. Padar Island was home to Komodo Dragons in the past, but because lack of food and hunting drove them away.

Padar Island knows for having beautifiul and best spot for photographers. You can watch beautiful sunrise or sunset in this spot.

Diving in Manta Points

At Manta Point Komodo, you’re likely to find small groups of Manta. They are often traveling in packs of two or three.

Diving in Manta is truly a life changing experience. Upon entering Manta Point keep an eye out above you for the tell tale shadows of Manta as they cruise past to check you out. The Manta already aware that you’re in their territory but don’t feel threatened, these creatures are notoriously friendly and curious.

While the focus for most divers is the Manta, but there have been sitings of turtles, reef sharks, hump back rays, sweetlips, giant trevallies, huge clams, cuttle fish, sponges, and many other types of micro marine life.

Komodo Island National Park

Obviously one of the best things to do in the Komodo Islands is to go to the actual Komodo Island. Komodo Islands is not jus a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also known one of the New 7 World Wonders of Nature too.

Komodo Islands gets its name because its home for super rare, super creepy-looking, Komodo Dragons, and it’s the only place in the world where they live in nature. Anyway Komodo Island is a dry and hot area but had an amazing view.

Scuba Diving in The Komodo Islands

One of the absolute best things to do in the Komodo Islands is go scuba diving. But if you you’re not a diver, that the snorkelling is still pretty awesome.

Pink Beach

The pink beach literally had a pink sand beach. The sand is pink because of a red colored coral that thrives in the shores nearby. When the red coral breaks off, it eventually breaks into tiny pieces which wash up on shore along with the other coral and shell particles.

You can sunbathing or snorkelling and see all of the cool red coral, fishies, and of course taking a lot of instagramable picture.

Cunca Waterfall Near Labuan Bajo

If you’re looking for non-boat adventures near Labuan Bajo, Cunca Waterfall may be interest for you. Its not far from the main town area and opposed to the dry Komodo Islands.

You can also visit Wae Rebo Village, the famous Manggarai’s traditional villages. WaeRebo village got a reward from UNESCO for the conservation of culture heritage on 2012. The local residents still defend the tradition and culture from generation to generation.

The scenery of Waerebo Village is very beautiful, it nestled in the mountains with super amazing views and in the morning you will hearing a non-stop chorus of bird.

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Liveboard is the best way to visit Komodo Island. A liveboard is essentially a big boat that has cabin  and all the equipment for scuba-diving, snorkelling, and kithcen etc.

You live on the boat hence the term ‘liveboard’. By sleeping on the boat it means you don’t have to transit to and from labuan Bajo each day and you can be right at the base of Padar or other hikes and scuba sites ready for sunrise.

Spending holiday in Komodo Islands with liveaboard also means you’ll probably get the most epic view when you’re out on the ocean with no lights at all other than the stars and seen the milky way!

So Komodo Island or Bali?

Komodo Islands is very beautiful, the Komodo Dragons are a must see and the small island of the Komodo National park are beautiful. And Bali also one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you’re going to Bali on your trip to Indonesia, then you can spending a few days on Komodo Islands.

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