5 Things You Can Experience at Komodo Island Where You cant Find Them in Bali

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5 things you can experience at Komodo Island where you can’t find them in Bali?located between the island of Sumbawa and Flores in the East Nusatenggara province. Komodo Island is part of The Komodo National Park.

The Komodo National Park encompasses a total of 29 volcanic islands including the 3 major islands ; Rinca, Padar, and Komodo). The Komodo National Park is also a home to approximately 2,500 komodo Dragons and other terrestrial fauna. The park’s terrain is uniquely diverse, consisting of a mountainous hillside, tropical rain forests, grass woodland savannah, and pristine white sandy beaches.

The Komodo National park is also recognized as a global conservation priority area and has an array of natural attractions. The climate in the Komodo National Park is one of the driest in Indonesia. Daily tempreatures during the dry season between May to October average around 40.

Due to this dry climate, the lands is rough with stony hills and plant species are limited to grass, shrubs, orchids, and trees. But the marine area has a rich, colourful landscape and coral reefs, also dense mangrove forests.

So what will you can find in Komodo Island but you cant find in Bali? Here’s the list :

Komodo Dragons

One thing you will find in Komodo Island but you cant find in Bali and entire world is Komodo Dragon! The world’s largest lizard is approximately reaching 3 meters in length and weighing over 70kg. the dragons are identified by their massive size, flat heads, bowed legs, long thick tails, and fork-shaped tongues.

Event though Komodo has a big size but they can run and swim up to 20kph and have an excellent vision where it can see objects from 300m away. These reptiles are carnivores and can eat 80% of their weight in one feeding.

The Komodo also can consume very large pret such as water buffalo, deer, carion, pigs, and even humans. Although awesome to see, visitors are urged to keep a distance and exercise caution. You must always be accompanied by a ranger and follow all the ranger’s instructions when in the proximity to these dangerous lizards.

Pink Beach

Pink Beach is one in seven in the world to have a glowing soft pink tinge. Due to the degradation of red coral in combination with the pristine white sand is the reason why the beach looks pink.

Pink Beach also offers some spectacular snorkelling and diving spots. The underwater garden is home to hundreds of species of soft and hard corals with various species marine fauna.

Kalong Island

Located on the outskirts of Komodo National Park near Rinca. Kalong Island is famous for the colony of giant fruit bats who live in the island’s mangrove forests. Kalong comes from the local language for giant flying fox bats.

At dusk each day, tens of thousands of bats emerge from the trees and take to the skies in what is one of the most stunning natural displays in the park. Beautiful sunset combine with wave after wave of bats pass over the anchored boats.

Experience Liveaboard Trip

A liveaboard is a large self sufficient boat that you can live on through the duration of your stay. All sleeping, eating and relaxing provisions are provided. Liveaboard offers opportunities to stay for one or more night and offers you the possibilities to travel to dive sites that cannot be reached on a day trip and provide more flexibility in dive sites.

Liveaboard normally cater for between 10 and 30 people. All meal provided with both in doors and outdoor dining areas and what better way to enjoy the meal by having a stunning sunrise or sunset of the National Komodo Park.

Cabins and boats offer a vast range options and the accommodation is usually shared however some do offer private rooms. All liveaboard will provide you with sheets and bedding. Some of the more luxurius boats have their own private and suite, with fridge and televisions.

Liveaboards are one of the best ways to explore Komodo National Park and the best ways to scuba dive also relax.

Wae Rebo Village

Known as village above the clouds. While you were in Labuan Bajo, you can also visit the famous Manggarai’s traditional villages. It located at Satar Lenda, Satamese Barat district, Manggarai Barat regency, Flores Island of the East Nusa Tenggara.

Wae Rebo got a reward from UNESCO for the conservation of culture heritage on 2012. Wae Rebo Village located in the middle of the rice paddy fields with nice vies on the sea and the mountains.

Wae Rebo basically only has seven main houses and the traditional cone shaped houses is called Mbaru Niang. The house supported with base topped with wooden materials for the walls and this house also said to be environmentally friendly.

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From Labuan Bajo, you can go to Ruteng all the way to Dintor by land for seven hours. In this village you will experience the everyday life of the local community. The villagers does their daily life activities and is famous for their coffee farming called Robusta, Arabica, and so on. The mothers in this village also crafted handmade Tenun Fabrics with Flores patters and each tenun fabric in East Nusa Tenggara are usually made to be different. The price starting from IDR 300.000, depending on the difficulty of the creation process.

If you love snorkelling, diving, enjoy day at the beach, or explore traditional village with the great landscape view, then you should go to Komodo Island. You will not only found the beautiful scenery from this last paradise, but also experience a liveaboard. Sleep in the ocean, watching the stars in the middle of the sea, and even watching the sunrise from the traditional boat called Phinisi.

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